HydraForce and Dantal Hydraulics
to Participate in EXCON 2017
12-16 December Bengaluru/India
Bengalore International Exhibition Centre
Hall 2 Lower Level Stall B4C1 

HydraForce and Dantal Hydraulics, our Global Systems Integrator (GSI) partner in India, are collaborating on a display at the largest construction equipment show in south Asia - EXCON. We will be among more than 1,000 exhibitors showcasing products for the construction equipment market. Held at the Bangalore International Exhibition Center in Bengaluru, India, the show spans 2,500,000 meters and includes outdoor as well as indoor displays and a technical conference.

The conference theme this year is “Scalable and Sustainable Infrastructure Building in an Era of Disruptive Technology." 

Dantal manufactures hydraulic cylinders, so our joint display will showcase many of the more innovative cylinder control solutions that use HydraForce valves and electronic controllers. Visitors will have opportunity to participate in a live demonstration showing how an electronic joystick can be used to raise and lower a hydraulic cylinder with the help of a HydraForce EVDR-0201A electronic controller and three multi-function valves - an SPCL to control cylinder lift speed, load-holding and load-sensing; an HSPEC valve to control cylinder lowering speed and load-holding, and an EPFR compensator to provide 3-way flow control. 

HydraForce congratulates Dantal as it celebrates its 25th anniversary.

If you plan to visit EXCON, you can book your live demo in advance using the adjacent Form.